• General Questions • 

What does Flourish specialise in?

Flourish specialises in the design and creation of bespoke cakes, principally 3D sculpted fondant-decorated, as well as novelty cakes. We also love creating desserts, sweets and treats for dessert tables and gift boxes. We emphasize creativity, quality ingredients, and artisanal input in all our products. We endeavour to use the best quality ingredients available, such as butter and cream from President, and chocolate from Valhrona and Belgium.

Do you have a retail outlet where I could visit to view or buy your cakes and desserts?

Most of our cakes and desserts are crafted on a bespoke and made-to-order basis, and are often delivered to or collected by our customers as soon as they are ready. As such, we do not often have cakes and desserts available for viewing at our studio, which is also the location of our NEA-certified commercial kitchen. Pictures of our previous designs are available on the gallery pages of this website, as well as on our social media pages - do take a look! We would be happy to host more detailed consultations at our studio - do drop us an email to arrange for an appointment.

How do I place an order for your cakes or dessert?

The most efficient way would be to drop us an email at cakes@flourish.com.sg, with details on:

  • whether you have in mind, any design ideas for your cake
  • the number of people you would like the cake to serve
  • the date of your celebration / party / event
  • any budget considerations

Please do include your phone number if you wish for us to ring you back for a discussion. We promise to endeavour to reply as soon as we can.

What is the recommended lead time between placing an order and delivery?

We recommend getting in touch at least 2 weeks prior. We take orders on a first-come-first-serve basis, and most of our customers tend to fill in orders at least 2 weeks before their delivery date. We do advise customers to get in touch as early as possible so as to avoid disappointment. We welcome enquiries from customers who require cakes or desserts on a short notice, but whether the order can be fulfilled depends on our schedule.

Are you able to do delivery of your cakes and desserts?

Yes, we definitely do. Our delivery fee is S$20-35 per trip, depending on your location, with delivery costs to locations in Sentosa being S$50. Orders can also be collected from our studio at Owen Road, which provides for a convenient pick-up point.

What is the preferred payment mode for your cakes and desserts?

Our preferred payment mode is via internet bank transfer. In general, we require full payment upfront in order to secure your order.

• Bespoke Cakes •

I'm a newbie when it comes to bespoke fondant cakes. What is fondant exactly?

Fondant is essentially edible sugar paste which is used to decorate or sculpt cakes, with the principal ingredient of fondant being sugar.

What is the difference between a "3D Cake" and a "Novelty Cake"?

Cakes are generally referred to as "3D Cakes" when the cake itself is sculpted into a desired shape or structure, and fondant is used to cover and decorate the exterior of the cake. In contrast, a "Novelty Cake" will retain the normal cake shape and structure as how we ordinarily know it (be it round, square, rectangular, etc), but will also either be covered in fondant, and/or have decorative elements created using fondant, placed on, and/or around the cake. Examples of such fondant decorative elements include three-dimensional figurines or fancy wordings. Tiered cakes covered with fondant, or have fondant decorative elements placed on, and/or around the cake, are also referred to as "Novelty Cakes".

What flavours are made available for fondant-decorated cakes?

For 3D sculpted fondant-decorated cakes, we have a limited range of flavours available, and generally recommend Chocolate as a flavour. This is because Chocolate cakes offer the density required to create the underlying structure for a 3D sculpted cake. For novelty cakes, we offer a much wider range of flavours, including: Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Salty Lemon, Speculoos, Lychee Rose, Peanut Butter, and Nutella.

How does Flourish price its bespoke cakes?

Pricing of a cake largely depends on the size and complexity of design - these two factors largely determine the amount of ingredients required, and the amount of time required by our cake artist to conceptualize and design the cake. At the same time, Flourish endeavours to use the best quality ingredients available (such as butter from President, and chocolate from Valhrona and Belgium) to ensure that our cakes not only look great, but taste great as well, and the use of such quality ingredients does factor into our pricing.

How should fondant-decorated cakes be stored?

Fondant-decorated cakes are best kept in an air-conditioned and dry environment. We do not recommend putting a fondant decorated-cake in the refrigerator as this causes condensation and might affect the decorations on the cake. We recommend fondant-decorated cakes be enjoyed and consumed as soon as they are received, to ensure freshness to the design and cake.

• Desserts •

Are you able to craft dessert tables and/or dessert gift boxes for weddings, birthdays, baby showers or other events?

We certainly can, and have done so for a wide range of events including weddings, engagement parties, birthdays, baby showers, amongst other events.

What items do you have available for dessert tables and/or gift boxes?

We have a large variety of desserts items available including macarons, cupcakes, cake pops, chocolate bars, cookies, mini chocolate mousse dessert, mini tiramisu dessert, meringue kisses, eclairs, amongst many others.

Do you work with corporate customers on bespoke dessert tables or gift boxes?

We certainly do, and have done so with a wide range of corporate clients. We can provide tailored designs of cakes and desserts in bespoke packaging to suit the needs of your event or corporate gifting strategy - do drop us an email to arrange for a detailed consultation.