About Flourish:

Welcome to the world of Flourish, where the science of baking collides with art, the cutting edge, and imagination.

We are a team of passionate bakers and cake artists, proudly based in Singapore, whose sole mission is to create cakes and desserts that not only taste great, but look great as well.

At Flourish, we believe that you can have your pretty cake, and eat it too.

Apart from our love for, and core expertise in the creation of innovative and bespoke 3D sculpted and novelty cakes, we also love conceptualizing and creating dessert tables and sugar gift boxes
for weddings, special birthdays, baby showers, children parties, festive season celebrations, and corporate events.

We emphasize creativity, quality ingredients, and artisanal input in all our products.

However big or small your celebration or event is, we take pride in ensuring an extraordinary amount of thought, time and love is invested on our end
to make certain our creations become an inspired and great tasting part of your celebration.

We look forward to baking and creating for you.

Here are some pictures of our cosy and humble studio abode at Owen Road, Singapore, and of our very camera-shy Head Baker/Cake Artist!